Cheryl & Sloan 

Their love of hiking often leads them out to the mountains. 


Cheryl is a double certified professional dog trainer working towards her third certification at the top prestige Academy for Dog Trainers. Cheryl is invested and passionate in science based training and the welfare of dogs in training. 


The dog training industry is an unregulated industry which means it's very easy for anyone to consider and market themselves a dog trainer. Research and ask questions about the trainer’s credentials and methods of training. 



DCBC - Dogma Certified Behaviour Consultant 

Graduated with honors in the18 month comprehensive apprenticeship program. From learning theory, foundation skills to complex behaviour modification. 

CPDT-KA - Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers 

Governing body of professional dog trainers. All certified members are required to pass a science knowledge based exam with mandatory instructing hours. All members must continue required education annually in order to renew designation.


CTC - The Academy for Dog Trainers 

Currently attending the Harvard for professional dog training education. A two year science based program aiming to produce the top worlds most educated counsellors and dog trainers lead by Jean Donaldson.

APDT - Association for Professional Dog Trainers 

Awarded the 2018 APDT scholarship to the 25th annual conference


Dogwit Training Inc. - Part time group class instructor 

Calgary Humane Society - Full time behaviour trainer and reactivity instructor

Walks 'N' Wags  - Pet First Aid Certification 

Cheryl stays committed to continuing education by attending seminars, webinars and  online courses taught by the industry’s finest on science based training methods








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