Fulfilling Our Dogs Lives

Our dogs fulfill our lives everyday. They add laughs, company, smiles and love to the family. Though how do we fulfill theirs in return?

Ways we can fulfill our dogs lives:

Take them to a new environment for a walk and let them sniff all the new scents.

Take 5-10 minutes a day and teach them a new skill or trick.

Remind them of their skills they know, use 10 kibble out of their meals and ask for those skills with rewarding them.

Play fetch or tug or a game with them.

Hide their kibble or toys around the house and cheer them on, praise them while they find it.

Enrol in a new training or sports class.

Notice how we are a part of their fulfillment. The more time we spend enriching our dogs lives with them, the more we reinforce our relationship with them.

This New Year think of ways you can fulfill your dogs lives. Please share the ways you did and I will post them for ideas.

Happy 2019! The year of fulfilling our lives!

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