Reliable Recall

Recall is a goal that most dog owners want for their dog. It can be a challenging cue for our dogs to learn as we can make the smallest mistakes which can ultimately hinder our dogs success.

As dog owners recall is an important skill for our dogs to have, though we tend to set them up for failure without even knowing it. Waiting until our dogs are far down the off leash park playing with friends is when we are likely to start using our recall cue though our dogs haven't been able to practice it successfully first.

Teaching your dog what the words “Fido Come”means is the first step to recall, to do this practice calling your dog in low distracting areas with very short distances numerous times before even attempting at the dog park or coming in from outside

Always reward your dog for coming to you while training and keep it fun and positive, avoid calling your dog for unpleasant things for them. Your dog will establish a strong relation to the cue “come”equaling awesome things for them. Make it worthwhile for your dog to choose you, use high value food rewards and praise when they get to you.

Increase the distance and distractions slowly. Keep in mind how your dog will be successful in every situation your practice in. Setting them up for success is key in teaching recall.

When you call your dog to come, say it with a happy and confident voice so that they are sure to hear you. Say your “come” cue once with lots of excited cheering to be your dogs main focus. Repeating the cue will not make them listen any faster.

Have fun with recall! There are many creative ways to train with recall Play games, practice while out on walks so its not always associated the same way. While on a walk quickly turn directions and call your dog, job a bit backwards and make it fun for them to follow you.

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