Patience is a Virtue

Patience is an important part in training your puppy or dog. Your dog needs to learn those obedience skills, manners and self control which they aren't born with therefore patience is required from us handlers.

I have been reminded of this lately as I've been training my own dog some new tricks to have at my clinic. I've been working on play dead which I have never taught him before, he is so close to doing it that I want to yell "You've got this buddy I know you can do it!" He knows sit, down, relax why can't he just roll over... Why? because I haven't taught him the best I can yet if he doesn't understand it. I can see he needs a break when he gives me calming signals and scratches suddenly, yawns or goes and lies in his bed. I need to respect that the training session is over and to try again later on. Dogs are great at communicating with us we just need to listen. This has been good for me to remember how training can be and how clients can sometimes feel.

Be patient with your dog and with yourself, if either of you are frustrated it's time to break and do something you enjoy.

Even a small step is a result and it can lead into a bigger step each time.

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