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​Maggie enjoyed every minute working with Cheryl and has made huge improvements in her recall, loose leash walking and greetings. Cheryl is an awesome trainer and definitely well recommended.


Before I met Cheryl, I felt trapped. I was overwhelmed, frustrated, trying to help a dog who was afraid of everything around him. Constantly dealing with reactive behaviours were preventing me from giving Cooper the incredible life he deserved. I was exhausted, and dreaded going for walks with Cooper. 

Cheryl has not only provided several effective strategies to help me work with Cooper on my own, but she's also given me this incredible confidence in my ability to help him. I know that even though there is still work to be done, that Cooper and I are able to continue our training and improve our lives! 


Cheryl is such a pleasure to work with one-on-one! She provides a calm and non-judgemental training experience, where I feel safe to make mistakes and ask questions. I value having the opportunity to watch her implement the techniques we are working on, as well as receiving live-feedback from her when I am learning the technique.

I can't thank Cheryl enough for changing my life for the better. Between the  knowledge I have gained, and the strategies I use on a daily basis, there aren't enough words to express my gratitude. 


​One of the best things we have done for her so far is have Cheryl work with her and us for her training, we wouldn't be this far along with her training without her so thank you SO much for everything, we really appreciate it!!

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Only two sessions with Cheryl and Ellie's improvements are incredible. She knows sit by voice and sign, she no longer jumps on me when I come into a room. She is no longer anxious in her kennel either. I hope anyone who is needing a little extra help with their puppy calls Cheryl!!