This proactive package will get your puppy off on the right paw with a solid start learning all the essentials during puppyhood. You will learn how to effectively reward proper behaviour, set boundaries and manage their environment to set them up for success teaching them polite manners and obedience skills with the 6 week group classes. Your puppy will receive diverse socialization and one on one time with a certified trainer in pupnation and puppy empower hour as well you will receive a one hour private session to address any challenges or concerns.


PUPNATION 20 day pass

PUPPY EMPOWER HOUR 10 class pass

PEAK PUPS 6 week obedience class 

PRIVATE TRAINING one hour session 

Must be completed within 5 months

$940 + gst 


The Alpine package will help you understand your dog and coach you to teach them what is expected of them in a positive and humane way through positive reinforcement training. This package will establish a well mannered dog with reliable skills in all environments while you form and enhance a strong relationship with them.  




One specialty clinic

Must all be completed within 5 months

$400 + gst 


The summit begins at puppyhood and continues up to adulthood. Your puppy will receive socialization through classes and day programs, environmental exposure and all the essential puppy training and manners to begin their journey up to a confident and good dog. It doesn't stop at puppyhood as they will continue on while they mature to ensure they are reliable as you continue training and bonding towards life long goals and results and carry on with socialization and play.


PUPNATION 40 day pass 

PUPPY EMPOWER HOUR 20 class pass 

PEAK PUPS  6 week class

PEAK2 6 week class 

FETCHNATION 20 day pass 

Must be completed within 9 months

$2100 + gst

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