Checking In

Checking in or also called offered attention from your dog is a foundation of training. Teaching your dog the habit of offering you frequent eye contact can make your training go a long way. When your dog looks at you for direction they are less distracted on what else is going on and more focused on you in all environments. Establishing this habit is not only great for training, it also helps build a relationship and connection with your dog. You can start by using some of their meals to teach them that human eye contact is a good thing. As soon as your dog offers you eye contact without you asking for it "yes" and reward it with a treat or kibble. Doing this regularly will teach your dog c

Trigger Stacking

Those who have leash reactive or excitable dogs usually know what their triggers are as they are what cause our dog to be at the end of the leash, lunging, barking or jumping. Largely these are other dogs, people, vehicles and wildlife. A trigger is defined as anything that starts a stress or overexcited reaction in the dogs body and mind. When our dogs are constantly encountering their triggers they become over threshold and stressed which then kicks in their fight or flight mode. What we as the dog owners need to know is how to keep our dogs under threshold to help them deal with those triggers in a positive way. Dogs adrenaline can last up to three days after what causes their reaction so

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