Patience is a Virtue

Patience is an important part in training your puppy or dog. Your dog needs to learn those obedience skills, manners and self control which they aren't born with therefore patience is required from us handlers. I have been reminded of this lately as I've been training my own dog some new tricks to have at my clinic. I've been working on play dead which I have never taught him before, he is so close to doing it that I want to yell "You've got this buddy I know you can do it!" He knows sit, down, relax why can't he just roll over... Why? because I haven't taught him the best I can yet if he doesn't understand it. I can see he needs a break when he gives me calming signals and scratches sudden


We make a joke that when either we or our pets get distracted we say "squirrel!" I could have said this at least two times per day this past week when I sat down and tried to write this blog. The date started on this blog is Sept 2nd and today is... well past that date and then some. I had clinics to plan and private client sessions to plan, laundry to do, and the list kept going as my focus did not. As it is a funny way to say we lost focus it can be true and tough for our dogs when training in high distracted environments. It's not that they are disobeying or ignoring us on purpose. They either don't know what we are asking of them or are too distracted with what else is going on around

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