December 30, 2018

Our dogs fulfill our lives everyday. They add laughs, company, smiles and love to the family. Though how do we fulfill theirs in return? 

Ways we can fulfill our dogs lives:

Take them to a new environment for a walk and let them sniff all the new scents.

Take 5-10 minutes...

Recall is a goal that most dog owners want for their dog. It can be a challenging cue for our dogs to learn as we can make the smallest mistakes which can ultimately  hinder our dogs success.

As dog owners recall is an important skill for our dogs to have...

Dogs are our best friends though it takes work to build a canine/human relationship. I experienced this with my own dog. When Sloan was a young pup we were in obedience classes together. I was so focused on having a well behaved dog because of his breed, and not being...

How do I stop my dog from jumping on people? How do I stop my dog from pulling on leash? 

These are common questions in dog training and when asked this I always reply "what do you want your dog to do instead?" Changing the question to "what do I want my dog to do" when...

Checking in or also called offered attention from your dog is a foundation of training. Teaching your dog the habit of offering you frequent eye contact can make your training go a long way. When your dog looks at you for direction they are less distracted on what else...

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